Snap a shot and then edit it with cosmetic magic to change facial features and adjust facial expressions with just a few swipes. Photo Makeover is perfect for touching-up group photos, glamorizing portraits or for runway models, on the run.

“Wow! It works, it really works! No need to go on a diet or visit the plastic surgeon if you want to spice up your headshot or dating Web site pictures.” – Editor’s Choice

*Requirements: Requires iOS 3.0or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
*Language: English, Japanese

A Makeover in Your Pocket

Automatic Face Detection

By locating four facial anchor points automatically or manually, the application will determine facial features and muscles for further facial feature adjustment.

Super Swipe Editing with Touch-sensitive controls

5 selectable facial regions each with move, rotate and size controls; and the facial outline width and height control provide the ability to make thousands of subtle changes. With the iPhone panel, you may enjoy manipulating facial features by dragging, pinching, spreading, and rotating on the screen with merely two fingers.

Templates for Super-modles & Photo Pranksters

Subtle change makes the difference. Photo Makeover includes a library of pre-made facial templates created by analyzing thousands of faces. It gives you a quick view of the possibilities of a better or even the funniest look of your face. Select a preset expression and adjustment is then made with “Expression Strength” slider bar.

Categories of Templates

  • Beauty faces: Younger, Proportional, Slimmer.
  • Attractive faces: Confident, Sexier, Kinder, Smile.
  • Naughty faces: Make Face, Kiss, Angry, Sleepy.
  • Crazy faces: Alien, Sleepy, Rounder, Mean.
  • Animal faces: Koala, Fox, Bull, Monkey.
  • Expressions.

Automatic Color Level

Photo Makeover's powerful image color correction uses automatic color balancing. Create vibrant colorful photos from imperfectly lit images such as over/under exposed, taken with a low quality camera or washed-out due to backlighting.

Shake Your Phone to Change the Face

  • Shake left and right for a fresh face.
  • Shake up and down for a funny face.
  • Shake twice for stronger effect.

Group Shot Enhancement with Editing for Individual Face