The coolest and most powerful iPhone Glow application ever!



    Turn Any Normal Photo into a Shining Artwork

  • Import photos from your photo gallery or capture with the iPhone Camera.
  • Create real-time, stunning glow and neon effect with quick finger strokes.
  • High quality glow effects with professional Photoshop results.

    Easy and Fun to Paint

  • Use two fingers to zoom in, pan, draw details or even write text.
  • Pen/Eraser: Draw or erase any strokes with ease.
  • Enable the Magic Rainbow pen to easily create random color strokes.
  • Use thick or thin brushes for strong or detailed strokes.
  • Undo/Clear: Undo any number of painting strokes, or clear all.

    Turn Any Photo into A Stylized Neon Animation

  • Adjust the background brightness and set your mood.
  • Turn on the background light half-way to better sketch the outline.
  • Turn the background off and only highlight your glowing animation show.

    Playback and Show Your Sequenced Animated Story

  • Playback your shining new drawing, one stroke at a time.
  • Control the speed of your animation and playback as you wish.
  • Loop your animation or playback once.

    Project management/export your artwork

  • Save the edited artwork to a project gallery.
  • Share with others by exporting your new shining images.