Find the Best of You

    Subtle change makes the differnece. Photo Makeover includes a library of pre-made facial templates created by analyzing thousands of faces. It gives you a quick view of the possibities of a better look of your face.

  • One glance for all possibilities.
  • Before and after comparison.
  • Global strength setting.
  • Before and After comparison
  • levels of strength
    • Categories of Templates

    • Swipe to switch categories.
    • Beauty faces: Younger, Proportional, Slimmer.
    • Attractive faces: Confident, Sexier, Kinder, Smile.
    • Expressions.
    • Naughty faces: Makeface, Kiss, Angry, Sleepy.
    • Crazy faces: Alien, Sleepy, Rounder, Mean.
    • Animal faces: Koala, Fox, Bull, Monkey.
  • swipe to switch categories
  • Beauty Face

    Attractive Face


    Naughty Face

    Funny Face

    Animal Face