"I’ve tried a lot of camera apps and 10X Camera Tools is one of the best free camera replacement apps for iPhone."

- Marty Yawnick, publisher LifeinLofi.com, iPhoneographer

You're taking tons of photos... we know. Reallusion 10X Camera Tools completes your iPhone camera with the essential 10 must-have tools to shoot better shots and locate photos faster with albums, tags and notes. Save photos with every detail, including Geo-Tag and Photo Notes up to 500 words. Share photos in full-resolution via Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, & eMail.

Product Features

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  • Photo Action
  • Smart Album
  • Intuitive Camera

    10X is fast, solid and easy to use!



    "Both iPhoneographers and casual photographers will find things to like about the feature set. 10X Camera Tools is robust enough to do some serious iPhone photography."

    - Marty Yawnick, Publisher LifeinLofi.com iphoneographer

    “This is a very well-thought out camera app that plays to the iPhone’s strengths as well as compensates for some of its weaknesses.”
    - H. Brown, Market Researcher